Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Remix Review

smaller looks 1-10.001
in review looks 11-20.001
in review 21-30.001

I realized throughout the process that remixes are less about the clothes, and more about the accessories.  Belts, bags, statement necklaces, etc. made the outfits for me.  Without clever accessorizing, it was just a skirt and a shirt.  So the next time you feel like splurging, maybe head to the thrift store and grab a belt or bag-- that's what I do. 

Seeing all the looks together, it's kinda hard to believe I had that much creativity. I think my favorite looks are 20, 22, and 27; but I think 5 and 25 earned me the Best Remix Costume for my Rosie the Riveter and Creep outfits.

What I would do differently next time:
--More varying shoes:  brown and black pairs only? really?
--less cardigans.
--more patterned tops.
--broadening my color wheel. I was pretty obsessed with coral when I picked my items.

Share your own favorites and/or remix tips!

1 comment:

  1. 22 and 27 caught my eye first. Gosh they are gorgeous. You did so well with your remix! It's amazing! Nothing looks the same you did great.
    I love your blog (and your hair, you are making me long for a hair cut)