Thursday, March 31, 2011







The thing I love most about the "boyfriend" style is that I get to fall out of bed and put on the most unflattering clothes and it's completely acceptable.  "Oh I see you're wearing baggy low rise pants and an over-sized cardigan--are you shopping impaired?" Nope. It just means I'm in a relationship.
I'm wondering what else I can get away with.

I think a lady is able to get away with even more when she is married. I have not only taken over Jared's closet but also his razor, deodorant, hats, toothbrush, and t-shirts. I call this the husband style. Of course, he thinks it's adorable.  But don't ask him.

On an unrelated note, Chunky-the-puppy turned 1 on St. Patrick's Day. He thinks he's a lap dog. Please imagine a 65 lb clumsy meatloaf trying to cuddle on a tiny love seat.

Works cited:  jeans (old navy); shirt (h&m); cardigan & shoes (thrift)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

black parade





Music is part of my morning routine.  On those mornings that My Chemical Romance and the Creep video by The Lonely Island make it into my groove, taking pictures is a major task for Jared.  The pictures that didn't make the cut are ones with T-Rex arms and zombie faces.

In all things fashion, I'm seriously in love with cut-off shorts.  These I'm wearing I did myself.  It's the closest to DIY I can do; the gods of craft do not smile on me. I tried to make a headband once, but it ended up looking like a kindergarten Thanksgiving project.

What are some of the things you do as your getting dressed that give you inspiration? 

works cited:  shoes (xxi); shorts (DIY, thrift); jacket (jcpenny); shirt (thrift)

Sunday, March 20, 2011







Vacation:  a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday.

I had the blessed privilege of going home with a friend for a couple of days to vacate life; and when I say vacate, I mean his literally lives in the middle of nowhere. It was perfect. 
That splendid little mini horse you see is Sir Jeffery, also known as the current joy of my life.

I spent St. Paddy's in Chicago with two of my besties from school. Leah and I have matching "snaggle tooth" necklaces from H&M. They're so stinkin' cute. I'm loving the "nature" and "earth" trends for spring, especially in accessories.

I'm leaving for Tennessee today to see my family and friends from "down yonder." Road trip part deux begins now with the husband. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

polka dot.




Does any of you have that one time that transitions all seasons? Mine is this polka dot dress. A $4 thrift find.....I'll pause for gasps and applause. 

I'm not sure whether it's the simplicity of the print or flattering silhouette, but get ready to see remixes on this one. I actually wore this to my husband's birthday dinner so if you're still looking for date night ideas, the polka dot dress comes highly recommended. 

Works Cited:  dress (thrift); cardigan (jcrew); shoes (???)

Friday, March 11, 2011


chunky and jared
How I am supposed to get any work finished?

Seriously, look at those faces. Too much cuteness for one household.
Finals week is almost over, which means I can return to shopping, posing, and blogging.  For some reason, my graduate program could care less about my need for retail therapy and picture parades of my latest conquests.  (If I only I could get paid to do this!)

Since my last post, I have experienced 3 out of 4 seasons in a week. Therefore, I decided it was time to do the great winter-to-spring closet transition. I would post a picture, but still too embarrassed about the state in which I left my bedroom/closet. I looked at my clothing rack for the blog-post-line-up, and I'm officially obsessed with stripes, floral's, and polka-dots.

Coming soon:  the greatest $4 thrift find.

Sunday, March 6, 2011







I rarely back down from a dare so when Lindsay said, "Make it work," I couldn't refuse.  True to 5-year-old's and fairytales, I think I have the most fun when playing dress up with my girlfriends.  So much more imagination with 2 sets of eyes.

A typical day with Marshmallowsilk consists of my room being covered with explosions from my closet mixed in with her treasures found from previous thrifting adventures.  When I see whatever Lindsay is wearing, my first thought is always, "Yeah she did!" Shopping with her is creative rejuvenation.  When I first saw this dress, I didn't think I could make it work because the structure and neckline swallow petite frames.
Therefore only one thing could be done.....

I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it.

Yes, I'm actually wearing the dress backwards. I think Kris Kross might have been onto something.

I'm wearing:
{dress:  swapped; shoes, belt, clutch, & umbrella:  thrift; hat:  family heirloom}

See more from my muse at Marshmallowsilk.... for those who dare, she's worth the follow.


Friday, March 4, 2011

coming soon

My first swap post ever with Marshmallowsilk.

linds copper dress

Need a vintage fix of classic dresses and pillbox hats? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

light as air






There are some days when I wake up (probably too late) and need to get out the door ASAP.  Okay, maybe that's not entirely true.  There are some days when I don't feel like planning an outfit and would much rather wear whatever I slept in. These pictures reflect one of those days.

Taking a mini break from thrifting to cleanse the pallet and let the stores re-stock, my besties and I headed out over the weekend to see what signs of Spring might be bloomin. I have to say my favorite find and current obsession is the bandeau bra (See express and aerie).  I found these and pretty much converted.

{dress & slip: thrift, tights: target, boots: forever21, necklaces: forever21/h&m, cardigan: walmart}