Friday, April 29, 2011









Dress pants are some of my favorite bottoms to wear because of the illusions created. I usually seek those that are mid-rise and wide-legged.

Illusion 1:  On those petite Hobbits like myself, the mid-rise pants draws the eye to the smallest part of the waist line, creating an hourglass shape.  I have curves that I embrace; but in the low rise and super low rise pants, I look 2 sizes bigger than I actually am.  Therefore, in the words of Socrates and interpretation of Emerald:  Know thyself...and dress accordingly.

Illusion 2:  The wide-leg pant comes out from the wides part of the hip and thighs, providing balancing to curves of the lower half.  They tend to make me look taller, especially when worn with heels.

Illusion 3:  I may look like money, but I didn't spend it. Here's' the breakdown:
Pants:  $3 (thrift)
Cardigan:  $3 (thrift)
Shoes:  $12 (kohls' clearance)
Necklace:  $15 (kohls)
Bracelets:  $6 (forever21)

Total $29. Not bad.

Monday, April 25, 2011

the skinny








Skinny jeans at work, oh yes... But not just any skinny jean because these are cropped; and by "cropped," I mean normal length on me because I'm short.

Why this outfit works:
1. Cropped pants + heels= makes me feel taller and authoritative. (It's my delusion, just go with it.)
2. The loose tunic serves many functions:
     A. Without the blazer, it does a great day to night look.
     B. Bloating, Booze, and all-you-can-eat Buffet appropriate
     C. Transitions well into maternity
3. Oversized purse:  what you don't see is that I have a laptop, book, make up, light jacket, and partridge in a pear tree in there.

I'm wearing:  blazer & watch (thrift); skinnys (flirt style old navy); tunic (charlotte russe); jewelry (forever21); purse (target)

Saturday, April 23, 2011








From that title, one might think it's an excuse to run around in underwear. However, boudoir is one of my favorite fashion trends (when executed appropriately). And we're taking it to the work place!

I think the basic rule is be subtle, like only wearing one item considered intimate appearal--camisole, slip, etc.  And now that I have stated the rule, I'm breaking it the same post. 

My favorite thing about this outfit (besides the family heirloom brooch) is that the "dress" in actually considered a night gown. I added the slip (yes, it's separate) to add length for those conservative environments with a fear rising hemlines.

I'm wearing:  dress, belt,  & shoes (thrift);  sweater (Gap); and brooch (sweetest birthday gift ever)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

office errands








For those of you who are blessed with a more relaxed work environment, the rest of us are green with envy.  I'm choosing to feature denim as "work-appropriate" because let's face it--some jeans look more classy than dress pants.
Confession:I have worn dress pants that have made me look homeless and/or visually impaired.

The Power of the Dark Denim forever holds my vote (especially this pair) for the following reasons:
1) considered less casual
2) has a slimming effect through the hips and thighs (need I say more?!)
3) hides coffee spills

And here's the cost:
Jeans (Banana Republic Outlet) $15
Striped Shirt (Thrift) $3
Blazer (Thrift) $5
Necklace (Target clearance in stores now!) $5
Shoes (Target via Thrift) $4
Feeling Comfortable at Work:  priceless

Some things, budgets can't afford. For everything else, there's a thrift store.

Grand total of $32--not bad at all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

work it








A few months ago, a friend suggested to do posts on what to wear to work.  The only problem is that I'm not currently working, and the business casual clothes seem like a closet buzzkill when getting ready.  However, things-are-a-changin'.  In a very few short weeks, your truly will be graduating with a degree that indicates I not only should have a job but also that boyfriend jeans are unacceptable.

I was reviewing previous posts to identify a pattern in my own personal style only to discover that my outfits are all over the place.  From hipster to hippie, I embrace the almond-toed pump as well as going barefoot (unfortunately Taco Bell will not serve you without shoes). 

It is no secret that women have to wear many "hats;" therefore, it only make sense that we possess some sort of wardrobe that accommodates the roles of family relationships, career driven, sexy, relaxed, girl-next-door, adventurous, outdoorsy, city girl, country mouse, etc.  It's like an identity crisis in the making--no wonder we cling to fashion as a means of self-expression; we might otherwise be consumed by the responsibilities of life.  Therefore, I'm dedicating the next few posts as the "Work Edition"--different women, different careers, different styles.

PS- this entire outfit was under $20.

Works Cited:  dress & shoes (thrift); belt (xxi); bag (h&m)

Friday, April 15, 2011

max out







One of the most significant aspects I have learned about personal style is how you present yourself.  Grace and composure do not come most natural to me.  I'm typically the person hee-hawing at myself because I just tripped over my own feet leaving a wake of destruction.  I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who find this endearing.

I was not made for the runway so supermodels are not worth the aspiration, which brings me to the question, "In whom do you aspire to be like?"  Celebrities, designers, and saints are great; but I am challenged and encouraged by those around me.

I think everyone has that one person in their life who walks into the room and you immediately wants to stand up straighter and spit out the gum that makes you look like a cow chewing on cud.  Role model, mentor, hero-- there is someone who has taught me the epitome of  "lovely."  In my book, a person worth imitating deserves a shout-out:  so thank you, Teresa Davis (my teacher, friend, and supervisor).

Works Cited:  dress, necklace & cardigan (h&m); shoes (thrift); bracelets (xxi)

Monday, April 4, 2011



Lindsay is adorable. The Way of the Ascot has a new author; and she's the cutest. Her remix from our swap is worth a post and shout out.
Loves it.

I think reading posts about blog swaps is my favorite. One garment, two different looks.  Kendi Everyday takes the crown for Queen of the Swaps. It's one thing to make your own clothes look effortless, but to rock another's apparel--that's impressive.

swapped shirt:  thrifted

Friday, April 1, 2011



The answer is yes--I am in desperate need of a hair cut. In spite of my epic sinus flu, I'm journeying to downtown Columbus with kleenex and drugs in tote to the Aveda salon. I know people use expressions like "pain is beauty," but more importantly, I call upon Steel Magnolias--and my hair looks like a brown football helmet. Thanks, Sally Fields. 
A girl can only get away with pig tails for so long.

Besides, what could be better for the body or soul than a little spa treatment. I may feel like crap, but my hair will be fantastic and chakra balanced.

In all fashion relevance, I think hats may be my favorite summer accessory. I'm all about keepin' it light.