Friday, July 8, 2011

21. sur le tas






The process of me getting dressed is very "sur le tas," or "on the fly."  You got a French lesson today--2 for 1.  (I hope it's right because I totally googled it.)  I'm very organized and consider myself a planner, but it has a tendency to hinder more than help the creative flow.  This is even evident in my picks for the 30 for 30.  Yes, I know you all love the outfits, but who really needs 4 cardigans and a blazer in a summer challenge?

I have the worst time planning outfits in advance.  This is why I need a week to pack for vacation.  For all of my Type A/OCD ways, I dress based on mood and feelings:  the two elements in which a girl cannot plan.  Someone should start a blog called "Dressing for My Hormones." Maybe I'll call my maternity blog that.

Works Cited:  shirt & necklace (thrifted); skirt & belt (xxi); shoes (payless)


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