Tuesday, July 12, 2011

23. peace out






Even though I find the Hippie Movement a little too radical for my taste, I don't mind dressing like them.  I'm a big fan of any dress or skirt that allows me to sit or stand however I like.

Jared and I took these pictures after a huge dinner involving a chocolate truffle cookie the size of my head.  All I wanted to do was lay in the grass, which does not greatly deviate from the norm.

In current news, I just passed the National Counselor's Exam about two hours ago; and what did I do?  Drank a glass of champagne (at noon) and blog.  This is what I call the "high life." I am now Sunday Crossbow, PC. :)

works cited:  tank (jcrew); skirt (express); necklace (aerie); shoes (thrift)


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