Tuesday, July 19, 2011

fashion do: modesty

c/o The Telegraph
I recently received a lovely comment from a reader who found my blog on weardrobe.  She informed me that she would be featuring one of my posts today on Ruby-Eyed Okapi and later on Justice Pirate.  Both blogs are incredibly neat and fashionable with the emphasis on modesty in fashion, which got me thinking.  Oh yes, I have thoughts. And opinions.  Look out.

c/o of ELIZA Blog
I enjoy a wide variety of fashion style and various blogs' persepctives, but I sometimes find myself annoyed at the idea of prostituting oneself out in the name fashion.  While it is not my intention to be harsh or judgmental towards self-expression, I think someone has to say,

"You are not only advertising fashion, but also yourself. So what does your message say?" 

This question is not exclusive to bloggers, but all who present themselves in the general public.  In the event this sounds a little too preachy, let me tell you what my clothes say about me today:  she looks comfortable, but has to be crazy for wearing long-sleeves and jeans in the middle of summer. 

PS--modesty does not equal boring.


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