Thursday, July 7, 2011

in review: looks 11-20

in review looks 11-20.001

Here's a quick snapshot of the round 2 of the challenge.  Only 10 to go. Wow.

Round 1:  I'm not going to to sugar coat it, folks--I was worried about quitting after the first 10 looks.
Round 2:  This round really got the creative juices flowing, but.... I think most excited about the last 10. (Round 3)

Maybe it's because it's ending.  Maybe it's because I feel somewhat accomplished for not giving up.  Maybe it's because the hard work is over with outfits to spare (overachiever alert). Do I get extra credit for posting looks 31 and 32? Perhaps I shouldn't put the cart before the horse.  No one likes a show off.


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