Monday, January 31, 2011

peep toes

blazer, belt, ring, & shoes:  thrift

tank:  old navy

necklaces:  forever21

tights:  target

skirt:  kohls

Original vs. Remix

If you're thinking, "That outfit looks familiar; she's worn it already," you are right.  Originally seen in the Objects for the Home post, I took a look at the photos and said I can do better.

Here's a little game I play called "Emerald-gets-super-excited-about-new-favorites-and-wants-to-wear-them-all-together-at-once." Yeah, don't act like you haven't played.  I realized that there were a lot of colors and layers I wanted to incorporate, but sometimes less is more. So the new remix formula looked a little something like this:

Original outfit - boots - mustard cardigan + peep toe shoes + chunkier necklace + belt = remix outfit.

Let's also substitute awkward posing for more candid shots.  Because let's face it--if you're not being yourself, you look out of place.

The joy of experimenting with styles is meant to be about trial & error. So laugh at the fail's and give it another go.

Photos were taken by my husband--he's more than a pretty face. To see what he's been up to, go here.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

who's that guy?




Meet my brother (the talented one). Rob is way photogenic, and I'm completely convinced he missed his call in modeling.

I don't know much about men's fashion other than the Gospels according to jcrew and gap; but in my observations of the male species in the fashion arena, function and comfort are primary to ensemble choices. To all audiences, confidence--of course--is key. And if you have the security that Rob is possessing in these photos, I'm sure you could work quite a bit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

copycat: a walk in the park







copycat inspire:  Lucy Laucht

Meet Lucy Laucht.  She is considered to be an everyday muse and inspiration for this outfit.  I would officially consider her blog to be in my top 3 favorites. I think she does a great job of pairing the most unexpected things together, and such an art deserves more recognition. So here's to you, Lucy.

About the outfit:  Everything was found at a thrift store with the exceptions of the shoes (clearance at Kohls) and the black skinny pants (Target).  After putting this together, taking pictures, and reviewing them, I was given a whole new inspiration to raid my closet for fun and unexpected pairings.  I think the greatest accomplishment of the whole thing is the mixing of black, brown, and navy blue. Questions about this outfit?? Let me answer two:
1) Yes, the cord blazer is one of my favorite pieces and is considered to be a closet staple at this point.  2) Hold the red paint--the fur collar is fake. No rabbits or other woodland creatures were harmed on my behalf.
3) Yes, this is something I wear beyond playing dress up.  You may not see wearing it at the local Goodwill, but I would totally rock it downtown.

Works Cited:  shoes (kohls); pants (target); blazer, shirt, fur collar, brooch, bag (thrift)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

shop and tell






Some may consider it bad form or tacky to disclose how much one spends while shopping; but in the world of thrifting,  some secrets should be told.  This outfit is actually one of my favorites  because all items were found at your local thrift store; and for the first time ever, I'm going to tell you how much I spent.

1. Plaid Dress:  $1.99 at Volunteers of America.  The silhouettes from the 1950s are one of my favorite style because they accentuate  and portray an hourglass figure.  This dress may be considered "vintage" only because the tag does not even come with care instructions.  (I really don't have an eye to decipher vintage so who really knows.)

2. Belt:  $3.99 at Volunteers of America.  I'm a bit of a sucker for belts so I have far more than probably necessary.  However, the presence of a great belt must not be discounted.  Accessorizing does not have to be defined by lots of necklaces and bracelets.  A belt can just as easily become "the statement piece" of an outfit.

3. Purse:  $1.99 at Goodwill.  This purse is one of my favorites because of how structured it is, which is a nice change in pace from the oversized bag or tiny clutch.

4. Shoes:  $4.99 at Ohio Thrift Store.  When I saw these shoes, my eyes lit up like they were mirroring gold bars.  They have that Anthropologie vibe.  My favorite thing about the shoes is how much I change the laces to get the look I want.  The original laces were stiff and would not stay tied so I changed them to a green ribbon to complement the dress.

So there you have it--the $13 outfit.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

it's in the bag



shirt, skirt, belt, clutch:  thrift

tights:  target

necklace by honeyrosenk

Some things in life should be simple:  getting dressed is one of them.  From time to time, I have been found standing in my closet and scratching my head with a vacant, confused expression.  "What am I going to wear?"  
I have been harboring this skirt for quite some time without the first clue on how to wear it.  So I thought I would a share helpful tips on how I circumvent the creative roadblocks that pop up in the closet.
1)  How comfortable do you want to be?  There are no between photos of hiking up, readjusting, or kicking my shoes for a few minutes.  So wear what moves.  Yanking and tugging on clothes can be distracting and creates more insecurity than necessary.

2) What's your inspiration?  There are always new trends, new fads, and a lot of fellow bloggers displaying their own perspective and/or by doing a copycat post--they see the look of another and try to replicate the idea behind it.  In spite of what the "copycat" expression can imply, the looks always represent something different about the person's style.  I'll be doing my first copycat post soon.

3) Think eras and decades.  I watch the show Mad Men for the clothes. I honestly could care less about the script or acting.  Mad Men was the inspiration for this outfit:  classic simplicity and a silhouette that would give a feminine perspective.  Make styles of decades past your own.

4) Wear what make you feel good about you.  Not every day can make the fashion hall of fame.  Being comfortable in your own skin and the confidence that comes from such inner harmony will always outshine the most styled outfit. It's not what you're rockin, but how you rock it.

Photos by Jared Williamson taken at Objects for the Home

Friday, January 21, 2011

objects for the home

tea, please.

"green bean bag" by Aeolist Design


Photos by Jared Williamson

Attention Columbus locals--this one is for you.  Jared and I recently had the opportunity and privilege to do some browsing and posing in boutique home store--Objects for the Home.  It was a great day for me-- combining two loves:  fashion and housewares.  I found myself wanting to do more shopping and browsing than showcasing clothing.  What does this have to do with fashion??? So glad you asked.  Objects for the Home does specialize in daily household items and furniture but also carries some apparel and jewelry made by local vendors. Word on the street--there's a sale tomorrow.  It's the weekend--happy shopping!

For more info, check out

Thursday, January 20, 2011

prep skool

coat:  gap

dress & boots:  forever21

blazer, cardigan, slip:  thrift

necklace:  gift

tights:  target

prep skool shoe dip.001

I'm seriously dedicated to the art of layering; bring on the articles of clothing. This is linked to my love for winter. And now to answer a few of questions I know you are all wondering...

1. I do believe bigger is better. (hello, new picture size)

2. The lace slip you see is actually a full slip. Of course, I wear it with stilettos while doing laundry and dishes. It's a most convenient ensemble while running the obstacle course of cats, dog, dog toys, and spilled water.

3. Yes, Prep Skool is my real gangsta name.

4. All my pictures are taken by the handsome and talented Jared Williamson, photographer and husband extraordinaire.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

style defined


During the adventures of style research and my current obsession with Lookbook, I find myself wondering if I have a certain style. The thought of being confined to one category feels a little restricting; however, I can never help myself when I see those alluring titles of "What's Your Style?" Thanks, know the confused adolescent inside secretly misses Seventeen and CosmoGirl quizzes. So I took the bait.

Truth:  I am interested in defining a style.
Reality:  I will do anything to avoid homework.

After 10 questions of 4 possible choices, the fashion oracles have ruled and judged me as a lover of all things feminine. Give me bows, pearls, beads, and lace because I am a sucker for classic beauties such as Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner, and trips to Anthropologie are more calming than a tranquilizer dart.
So what's your style?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

mornings in narnia






Photos by Jared Williamson

Here's the reality of my fantasy:  if I could live in a world of snow and not freeze to death, I probably would. No one bats an eye when Floridians sit on their patios, drink coffee, and enjoy the sun--I'm going to embrace the snow for a total of 20 minutes and one magazine read.

(tights & dress:  forever21; sweater:  thrift; boots:  jcpenny)

Friday, January 14, 2011

the perfect scarf

pants & boots:  target

cardigan:  walmart

shirt:  thrifted

gloves & scarf:  gifted

Photos by Jared Williamson
Of course I had other shoes I wanted to wear other than snow boots. But there are two worlds of fashion:  fantasy and reality.  In my fantasy magazine photo shoot, it would be 60 degrees with no wind or briers poking my legs.  But back at ranch {expression alert} it is 20 degrees, and I'm more interested in keeping my feet dry.
I'm currently challenging myself to give the skinny jeans a break so I moved to skinny dress pants. Duh.
On the subject of reality, school and responsibilities have kicked it up a notch, which means I may have to post every other day.  Sadness.  I would love nothing more than to play dress-up every day.  I hear people (mostly tv sitcoms) say "men do not mature beyond age 7."  I'm going to give the men a break and say this may be true for me.