Monday, January 30, 2012

true romance






I am continuously engaging in some sort of fashion crush, but right now it's shorts in the winter.  This is not a new trend for the season, but I wanted to up-the-ante and use summer shorts I got from H&M. 
Also on the trend wagon is faux fur, which is a love/hate trend for me because it is not difficult to emulate an Eskimo or Sasquatch.  I have two different fur jackets, but only have been satisfied with the color.  Of course, I keep many trends and fads on the minimal side.

A reader recently commented that I was the definition of "sassy."  This outfit certainly made me feel it. 

I'm wearing:  sweater/clutch/shoes/fur collar/brooch (thrift); shorts (h&m); tights (kohls)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

sunday obsessions: picture blogs

found on the The Mannequin

found on The Mannequin

found on The Mannequin
Recently, I have gotten a little burnout on finding great blogs.  When I do find one that has great fashion posts, I have sift through posts related to sponsors, food, pictures of kids, etc.  Fashion blogs are supposed to be about fashion; I don't care what you ate for breakfast. 

I try to shy away from opinions that might insult other blogs in spirit of being supportive of all/freedom of expression/blah blah blah, but let's be honest--sometimes, you just want to look at pictures.

So for those of you who have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, I recommend these two sites that focus only on fashion-related photos.

The Mannequin

What do I wear?

Both are great and can be found on pinterest and bloglovin'.

Thursday, January 26, 2012





Another winter favorite--the denim shirt.  I actually owe inspiration to my best friend, Haley.  She said she wore a denim shirt and leggings every day; and if you know Haley at all, she's not lying.  So whenever I miss her, I reach for leggings....or a moo-moo.  But in all seriousness, she took me to Anthropolgie for the time years ago and introduced to me the way of Lycra leg wear so you can thank her.

I'm wearing:  shirt (h&m); leggings (xxi?); scarf (old navy); boots/necklace/purse (target)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

make a statement




I've read in several fashion magazines and online articles that "making a statement" with what you wear is important.  There are also a lot of references to special accents or "statement pieces" in your wardrobe.  It seems as those these statements pieces are held in a special category and are encouraged to be worn with simple styles. 

However, I got excited and evidently wanted to make several statements with this outfit like "I glow in the dark," or "look at my bling," or "I like birds." 
It's like the fashion equivalent of word vomit, but oh-so-eloquently displayed.  This is one of the first times I've worn this skirt...I'll pause for gasps...even though it was purchased last summer.  One of the trends for Spring is adding a pop of color so here you go.  I get extra credit for rocking it in January.

I'm wearing:  skirt (jcrew); shoes/shirt/clutch (thrift); necklace (target)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday obsessions: the beauty department


this or that

the beauty department

Recently, I have received a lot of questions/comments concerning make up and products I use.  I don't frequently stalk beauty blogs, but this is one has great tips as well as gorgeous and inspirational photos.  If you follow me on pinterest, you might have seen these photos already. 
I need to start experimenting a little more in make up and nails departments, but when there's a good thing goin', it's kinda hard to branch out.  

Follow The Beauty Department here.
Also wanted to say thanks for all the kind emails, comments, and warm welcome back to posting.  I pretty sure I have the best readers ever! I certainly missed you guys too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

winter lace






I think I wear this dress at least once a week.  You might recognize the dress from this post...or from Target last season.  I think I'm constantly looking for a way to make myself look more like a flapper; this dress and necklace are great for that with a modern twist. 
I had boots picked out with this, but I wear my cognac boots way too much.  When something's good, it's good.  But here's a little a variety.

I'm wearing:  dress/necklace/tights (target); cardigan (gap a couple of seasons ago); shoes (anthropologie)

Monday, January 16, 2012

freeze frame




For some reason, I'm one of those people who wants to be out in precipitating weather.  This only poses a problem in winter when I'm typically required to wear pants.  Since jeans are the worst insulating fabric next to silk or tree leaves, leggings are the solution....let's face it, when are leggings not the solution?

I'm also currently obsessed with legwarmers, especially as they appear over leggings and under boots...get ready for a lot of that. 

Also working with a new photographer, which is in incredible and intimidating.  If you see a lot of pictures and wonder why I'm laughing so much, it's nervous laughing... ps--this produces weird laughing faces rather than effortless-candid-sexy-photos. 

I'm wearing:  shirt dress (thrifted jcrew); scarf (h&m); leggings (xxi); boots (target)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunday obsessions: wendy's lookbook

little bows

shades of red

high waisted
Have you ever found a new blog, and it was like smelling lilacs for the first time?  (I love lilacs).  That's how I feel about Wendy's Lookbook.  She experiments with many different styles that seem so effortless while giving the every day gals (like myself) the courage to do the same. 

I super stoked about her. I've not been this smitten since Kendi and Lucy.  (No, I don't know them personally, but like to pretend we're on a first name basis considering that I stalk their styles). 

Check her out.  Read. Follow. Love.

PS- I'm back. :)