Sunday, February 27, 2011



The husband is out of town all week, which means no photo shoots. However, I dressed for Sunday casual and comfortable.  Do you ever have one of those days when you were something you feel amazing in but it's not necessarily "look-at-my-outfit-I'm-so-trendy" appropriate? Today was that day for me.
Bonus--it was warm and sunny. A much needed pleasant surprise. No shoes required. (Don't worry--I didn't pull a Britney.)

PS- Aerie may be my current obsession.  A perfect place for feeling a little ladylike.

Friday, February 25, 2011

on the go





If there is one thing I have realized from trying to create "date outfits," it is dating in the teen years and in your later twenties are two completely different concepts.  One word:  upgrade.

Now date nights need to be scheduled 3 weeks in advance.  From school to work to home to errands, I rarely know if I'm coming or going, but I have to be dressed for any occasion.  Versatility is the key. I did wear this to class and then out for drinks; but if I ditch the heels and blazer, it's movie-night-on-the-couch appropriate.

This outfit:
blazer:  old navy (best choice I ever made)
leggings:  forever21
sweater and bag:  h&m (sweater is thrifted)
heels:  jcpenny

Speaking of H&M, I went today with one of my girlfriends. It was a religious experience.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

first dates





cupcake diptych.001


You asked, I answered. One of my dear friends, Kara, asked me to do some posts about what to wear on dates.  Although I've been married for 4 years and apprehension about what to wear may be lessening, having a date outfit photographed by uber-talented husband can create a little anxiety.

I'm wearing....
{cardigan & jeans--old navy; stripe tank--target; shoes--jcpenny; clutch--gifted}

So before a girl goes out on a first date, she fantasizes about about the guy that brings her flowers looks like a jcrew model. She'll say everything perfectly; and he'll fall in love with her immediately.  This may not be said out loud, but it happens.

No? Ok maybe that's just me.

But then reality happens.  The wind is blowing, you end up with food on your hands and face, and the damn flowers are wilting faster than the hairspray in your hair.  A thousand things could pop up to make you question your appeal to the opposite sex.   But you can fake the biggest insecurities by laughing and smiling your way through it. That's what I did.  Trust me on this, smiling works.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


spring forward

Don't get me wrong--I love winter.  But in a few more inches of snow, someone will need to assess for my safety and psychological well-being. I felt the sunshine today; and honestly my soul lit up. It's time, ladies and gentlemen--bring on the warmer weather. Punxsutawney Phil promised an early spring; and I need him to make good on his word.

The clothes I have lined up for pictures all revolve around floral prints. So get ready; you may see season change in my wardrobe before the temperatures catch up. I've never been a huge fan for rules anyway.

Also, I'm going on a little retreat this weekend where there will be a pool and hot tub. Yes, I'm going where few women dare to go--the bathing suit aisle in February.  Before you reach for the water and ex-lax, I'm currently loving those bathing suit trends that tend to mask the less-than desirable areas--such as prints and ruched or belted material on the suit.  While I will not post a picture of me in my bathing suit (you're welcome), I can tell you I found the best 50s retro style at Walmart for $30 last year.  Had Walmart not come to the rescue last year , I would have opted for the splurge from Anthropologie. Some things are worth it; haircuts and swim suits fall in that category.

What spring trend are you ready to wear?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ladies who cape




When Lindsay told me that she had just bought a cape at a thrift store, I knew there was only one thing to do:  Dress up in our capes and go out. So that's what we did! I'm typically not a fan of those things that mask the shape of the body, but some are style are worth trying. So this was more of an experiment.  Although I wish had been experimenting in Cambridge, England when wearing this. 
I'm hoping the first picture is only a foreshadowing of our friendship in 50 years.

I'm wearing: 
Cape, shoes, gloves, purse (thrift)

She's wearing:
cape (thrift); dress (target); shoes (forever21); tights (urban outfitters)

Some ladies wear purple hats; we wear capes.

Lastly, I love reading your comments! Thank you for your kind words.
I also apologize for being MIA. I have four weeks left in this quarter for school so the work is piling up! Yikes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

girls day out






The bestie date.  Meet my friend Lindsay.  For the few of  you who have come to love my blog and follow faithfully, you can thank her--she's the one who convinced me to start writing. To see more on her style, visit her blog.

Here me when I say this--I love romance and butterflies in the stomach, but fewer things are greater than spending the day with your best girlfriend...(and token husband-photographer to capture the moments).  

I'm wearing:
shoes $5 (thrift)
jeans $9; jacket from years ago (forever21)
l/s shirt $10 (jcrew)
stripe shirt $5 (ann taylor thrift find)
scarf (gift from Lindsay)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

country grammar






Not everyone holds the belief that lace dresses, feathers, and cowboys boots should be worn "just because."  I say different.  Outfits like this require no special date or event; I wear it because I like it. (And because it reminds me of home.)  In thinking about the outfits for date night, I researched topics like "what guys like," until I thought, "Who cares."  The question that should be asked, ladies and gentlemen, is what do I like?  What makes me feel like me?  I have done the whole bit to dress and impress for everyone else, and I've got one word:  Boring.

While consumerism says that the theme of February is "no one loves you unless you have someone," I say dedicate the month to figure out what you like and want, and then maybe let someone else be lucky enough to get to see it.  Like yourself, treat yourself, and dress cute just for you.  The most appealing thing you can wear on a date is confidence.
And at the risk of sounding like a feminist rally, I will go ahead and tell you how to do dating outfits for way less.

There are a few items that are always worth spending a little more. (And by spending more, I mean non-thrift.)  For me it's usually shoes. So splurge on items that you know you will love and wear often.
This outfit:
dress:  target $5
belt:  thrift $2
boots:  forever21 (gift)..... shop (similar boots here and here)
cardigan: forever21 (gift)..... (shop similar here)
headband:  forever21
suitcase (thrift)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

street style: emily

emily b
Meet Emily
So I have this thing about accessible fashion.  I love the spreads in Vogue magazines and blog posts about designer labels, but let's face it--we're not supermodels dropping the big bucks. 
The whole point of "budget blogging" is for any reader to look at it and say, "If she can do it, I can do it."

With that being said, I want to feature friends and those I encounter that give me inspiration.  So this is a first run at street style. (I wish I had more pictures of friends, but it's been snowing.....and I haven't really left the house.)

So meet Emily--a dear friend and new favorite shopping buddy.  When I saw her outfit, I knew it was blog worthy because I immediately wanted to wear it. And bonus--she's a bargain shopper.

She's wearing:
shoes (                                          jegging/skinny jean (kohls)
shirt (old navy)                                                      blazer ($0.99 thrift!!)
circle scarf (jcrew outlet clearance)                      accessories (forever21)

To see what Emily's been up to, visit her blog

Her outfit reminds me of Kendi Everyday's style. Love.

Monday, February 7, 2011

violet hour





One of the things I have come to love about blogging is the opportunity to do something new...with my clothes, hobbies, interests, etc.  When a friend (meet Roberta above) asked me to tag along for her shoot, I was excited to watch another person in front of the camera.  When she asked me to be in a few of the pictures with her, I felt a little intimidated (no lies or coy intentions here).  However, I cannot encourage readers to take risks if I am not willing myself.
So those of you on verge of trying something different, I dare you.  This post is for you.

I'm wearing:  blue dress by Theory (thrift), belt (vintage), tights (target), shoes & clutch (thrift)

Roberta's wearing:  gray turtleneck (target), skirt (jcp), shoes (thrift), necklace (von maur), & clutched (borrowed from yours truly--of course thrift)

Here are some things I learned:
1. Life is so much fun with friends so surround yourself with good ones.
2. What you see is not always what you get. There is quite a bit of laughter, goofing off, and joking between these shots. 

3. If you do not have a place to occasionally warm up in 20 degree weather, your toes will turn blue.  Frost bite does not discriminate against vintage velvet shoes.

4. Photographers and editors do all the real work.  Hats off to you, Mr. Williamson.

5. I have always wanted to temporarily portray a Stepford Wife.  With that last photo, I can mark it off my Bucket List.

All photos by Jared Williamson

Sunday, February 6, 2011

celeb inspire

courtesy of fashiongonerogue

courtesy of

courtesy of

I know that Natalie Portman is the official "Girl-of-the-Moment," and rightfully so for her performance in Black Swan.  However, my style crush come and inspiration goes to Kiera Knightley.

From glamorous to girl-next-door, she's got the smoldering sexy look of an innocent little lady.  Her celeb style emulates that classic and simplicity that always requires a second glance.
What or who inspires you?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

winter cozy






There are fewer things I love more than a warm sweater.  Although I'm looking forward to spring trends and skirts (without tights), I already feel reluctant to pack up the thick sweater. Maybe because it's just warm or maybe because strikes a flattering place on the leg,  but don't be surprised to see this one through warmer weather.

Behind the outfit:  I've recently been doing research behind "Date Night Outfits" (coming soon) which led me to the thought, "Where am I wearing this?" Since I am a fan of all-things-comfortable, you may have seen me strutting around the library or a coffee shop because we all know that books and coffee are must-have's with big sweaters in winter.

Works Cited:  sweater, shoes (thrift); jeans (banana republic); shirt (ae)

Friday, February 4, 2011

a flattering tale.


Meet Hope.  Friend and fellow blogger, she recently won a contest from my alma mater in Tennessee.  Now she is the official Hits 96 Style Watcher.  She and her husband are probably the coolest people I know so I'll know she'll be a great addition.  Congrats! To read more about her win and see her blog, visit here:

a flattering tale.: HUGE announcement!!: "As some of you may know...I was selected as the Hits 96 (formerly 96.5 The Mountain) Style Watch Reporter! It's such a cool opportunity, ..."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

love actually






Today we are celebrating four years of marriage. In honor of such a glorious occasion, I am posting pictures from when we renewed our vows in Hawaii a couple of years ago.  Renewing your vows after two years of marriage??? Yes. It took two years to figure out what marriage was even about. So we decided to restart the race with Jared and Emerald 2.0.
We were on the beautiful island of Kauai, which was perfect for a little sunrise ceremony. I found the dress at a thrift store; or I guess you could say--it found me. Yes, the heavens did open up and God saw that "this was good." It was exactly what I wanted for Happily Ever After Part II.

The pictures were taken by the original Best Man and his wife.

I'm wearing:  dress (thrift--$5)