Friday, August 3, 2012

black and bangles

_JNW3951 _JNW3927
Entering the dog days of August, I not only want to be in as little as possible, but also whatever "breathable"....if that's even a term. 
I went shopping last weekend for fall inspiration; and ironicially, everything catching my eye was not only black and white but also had some pattern to it. I'm not sure why my eye is drawn to that which is void of color, as I'm sure J.Crew would disapprove. I think it's time to grab a latte and embrace the tortured artsy cliche hipster look....perhaps I'll get a facial piercing to go with it. If blogging doesn't work out, I can try writing angry girl music.
Fall Inspiration:

I'm wearing:  tank (xxi); midi (express); bag (h&m)