Monday, July 4, 2011

19. modern hippie






The flowers are softer and simpler, skinny's have replaced the bell-bottoms, and the metallic headband juxtaposes an edgy addition to a feminine look.  This is probably the closest I will ever to get a 70s look.  While it's not my favorite decade for fashion, there is much to appreciate beyond the infatuation for disco, the Beatles, and illegal substances.

This is the first debut of the brown cardigan, and the epiphany that I selected way too many jackets or cardigans for a summer 30 for 30.  Now that I have a little experience under my belt, I kinda want to do it again...maybe unofficially.  I've also been forgetting to tell you the brand of items. My b.

Happy 4th of July; my outfit for that will be posted later in the week. Planning fail.  I blame vacation. 

Works Cited:  headband (banana republic outlet); necklaces (h&m; xxi); cardi (gap); floral tank (xxi); skinny's (old navy); heels (payless).


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