Friday, July 15, 2011

25. menswear

I've been dying to do a menswear post every since I saw The Creep Video with Nicki Minaj and The Lonely Island.  If you've not seen it, please watch before scrolling. It's so worth it!


creep dip.001




Poppin' them peepers

Menswear is actually one of my favorite trends and styles because I not only have access to my closet but also Jared's.  He's not thrilled with the idea of missing cardigans and t-shirts, but I think more relieved that womenswear is not a trend for men....yet.  It's really difficult to work in trends for 30 for 30, but I'm pleasantly pleased I did.  I don't think we stopped laughing during the shoot.

Also, I noticed I was featured on Lucky's Style Spotter homepage for the day.  So if you're feeling bored and generous, feel free to rate or leave some love.

Works Cited:  suspenders/glasses (borrowed from hubs); pants (gap); shoes (payless); tank (aerie); necklace (h&m).

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  1. Um...amazing! I love the contrast of the suspenders and heels. So stinking cute!