Saturday, February 4, 2012





Have you ever had an outfit you were super stoked to wear only to realize it doesn't translate so well on camera?  Yeah...that would be this one for me.  When people ask me style advice, I'll go on and on about dressing for body type, but the truth this, I don't always feel like dressing for mine. 

Sometimes, I want to wear low rise jeans and stripes that are not contained by a blazer or jacket (both of which are not very flattering for me).  Add in a bad hair day and excessive wind during a photo shoot and you get what looks like blooper reel of photos.

On actual fashion related note, I'm obsessed with stripes and leopard print worn together.  I may make Sunday Obsessions about that tomorrow.  There will also be a lot of stripes with next couple of outfits. 

I'm wearing:  shirt/shoes (thrift); jeans (banana republic); scarf (h&m)

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  1. Gah. You still look adorable. Agree love the stripes and leopard. And can guarantee that's the first time I've ever said "love" and "leopard" in the same sentence.