Monday, February 27, 2012

how to wear stripes

Your wish is my command. Here are some of my stripe-victories and ideas for outfit creating.

Tie it up
As a lover of loose fitting tops, this has posed a problem for the stripe-loving petite girl.  I'm short with small bone structure; I, like most, have to create my hourglass curves.  One thing I do often with tops is tie it up in the back.

pattern mixing
The great thing about mixing patterns is that the eye is not only focused on horizontal lines that never seem to end, which can be balancing.  The shirt I'm wearing is technically to be big for me as you can in the arms.  The more fitted the better.
at the waistline
I have found that tops stopping at my natural waist create a more balanced look.  Longer striped shirts on me have a tendency to make me look short and wide rather than boho chic or whatever that style is.  Don't get wrong--I still wear longer striped shirts.
Loose fitting

For the loose fitting and longer tops, I contain it with a blazer.  Giving end points to stripes can shape the figure and create boundaries for curves.


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