Thursday, February 16, 2012

dessert first




The stripes/leopard obsession continues. And for some reason my sweater reminds me of brownie is it that I always end up talking about sweets???

I cannot believe there was a time when I refused to wear horizontal stripes?! Now, they have taken over my closet.  I really hope pattern mixing continues for a while because it will in this house. Pinterest has some fabulous ideas on this if you enter "pattern mixing" in the search box.

As a life long student of dressing for my body type, fitted and/or cropped stripes work better on me than an oversized striped sweater.  So unless you're cinching in loose stripes with a fitted blazer or breaking up the pattern with a scarf, I would probably stick true to size.

Would it be helpful to do a how-to post on wearing stripes? I only ask because this was confusing for me.

I'm wearing:  sweater/tank/shoes (thrift); bag (h&m); jeans (xxi)


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