Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday obsessions: color palettes


05 chrisbenz_dress2


I was looking through my closet and realized that I have these amazing pieces that I never wear because I'm not quite sure what colors to pair.  If you follow my pinterest, you would see that I've been obsessing over color palettes.  Here are few color combo's that I've pulled that will not only be great with spring and summer, but also ones that could be rocked now with the right winter accessories, such as grey/brownish tights or an oversized sweater. 

I used one of these palettes for next post which will be featured on Valentines Day...because regardless of circumstances, I'm a hopeless romantic and forever a cheerleader of love...kinda like Charlotte York from Sex and the City, but less annoying.

Also, there's a chance I won't be able to post much in the next week or so. I figured it was best to give you a heads up so inbox would not be filled with MIA inquiries.  I have posts ready to go; there's just an issue of wifi--where we would be without it???

You should also know that the color palette inspiration has me thinking about a 30x30 challenge...


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