Monday, September 19, 2011

beauty buzz

Due to popular demand, this is the official beauty post.  Since there are so many pictures, to post my process seems redundant.  But my fave hair pics are here, here, and here.  Here's the product line-up:

I use mostly Aveda products.
I use the Pure Abundance line for volume.  This is my favorite and preferred of all shampoos and conditioners.  I can literally cover my hair in their conditioner and never have flat hair results.  The shampoo and conditioner are the two green bottles above.
Hair tip 1:  I always rinse my hair in cool water.  It closes the ends, adds shine, and stimulates hair growth (allegedly).
After combing out damp hair, I apply a little bit of this stuff and phomollient (shown above).  Perfect for humid cultures--it helps fight moisture, frizz, and flat hair.  If you need/want extra oomph at the roots, squirt volumizing tonic show above (brown bottle).
For the texture part (and my favorite), this stuff is magic.  I don't wash my hair everyday, but I certainly use this everyday, sometimes 2x a day.  It doesn't build up! A little goes a long way.
Tip 2:  I go from the underneath of my hair, up, and out (like styling a mohawk).
I don't use hair spray every day, but if I want bangs to go a certain direction and stay, I go here.

Your Questions Answered:
What do you tell your hairdresser?
   Honesty is key.  If I don't like it, if I had problems with a certain, etc. I tell her.  She needs to know.  Hair dressers are not mind readers or miracle workers.  Communication is necessary. 
Tip 3:  Take pictures of styles you like! Pinterest is a lifesaver, and I've included some of my faves.

Is your hair easy to style, or do you make look easy?
   Yes, my hair is that easy to style.  As a matter of fact, the more I try "to fix" it, the weirder it looks.  Messy pixies and bob styles should be tamed so why try?

If you have more questions, ask in the comments below; and I'll answer so everyone can read.


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