Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Not everyone holds the belief that lace dresses, feathers, and cowboys boots should be worn "just because."  I say different.  Outfits like this require no special date or event; I wear it because I like it. (And because it reminds me of home.)  In thinking about the outfits for date night, I researched topics like "what guys like," until I thought, "Who cares."  The question that should be asked, ladies and gentlemen, is what do I like?  What makes me feel like me?  I have done the whole bit to dress and impress for everyone else, and I've got one word:  Boring.

While consumerism says that the theme of February is "no one loves you unless you have someone," I say dedicate the month to figure out what you like and want, and then maybe let someone else be lucky enough to get to see it.  Like yourself, treat yourself, and dress cute just for you.  The most appealing thing you can wear on a date is confidence.
And at the risk of sounding like a feminist rally, I will go ahead and tell you how to do dating outfits for way less.

There are a few items that are always worth spending a little more. (And by spending more, I mean non-thrift.)  For me it's usually shoes. So splurge on items that you know you will love and wear often.
This outfit:
dress:  target $5
belt:  thrift $2
boots:  forever21 (gift)..... shop (similar boots here and here)
cardigan: forever21 (gift)..... (shop similar here)
headband:  forever21
suitcase (thrift)


  1. wow, em! you are so inspirational.
    ps i love the outfit.

  2. Such a pretty outfit!! And for that price, just too good to be true.

    I love your attitude towards the oh so all-encompassing "love month". I think, I will take your advice!!

  3. i love how soft and feminine this outfit is! absolutely adorable. AGREED 100% - dress for you, and what makes you happy, not b/c of a dude or other people's expectations. when you wear what you love, it invokes confidence and beauty!

  4. How lovely. Love that dress with the sweater.

  5. I am such a proud feminist mama bear right now. And this proud feminist mama bear loves that outfit and the feathers, especially the feathers.

  6. @Haley
    all the women who're independent, throw yo hands up at me.

  7. I just jumped into the River via blogpost. So much truth and I adore the pics. :)

  8. I love wearing outfits just because you like them, it always makes me feel confident. This looks great, I love the white dress and grey cardigan. Pretty photos too.

  9. I absolutely love this outfit. Even though it may seem like all these things wouldn't go together, but they absolutely do.

  10. This is so adorable. Love the combination!

  11. Love everything about this outfit! You look gorgeous! And props for going bare legged in what looks like chilly weather ;)

    I`ve passed on a little blog award for you, and you can check it out at:


  12. I don't even know where to start, this outfit is amazing! I love your style. And you got it for such a great price too!


  13. This is such a gorgeous and chic outfit, and it looks like it cost much more than it actually did. Love!