Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pink panther






Okay so my pants are not Rainbow Bright, but they are a little Pink Panther.  At least you still got a cartoon reference. 

I try not to play favorites with my clothes, and it's nearly impossible.  BUT...I love this shirt.  I found it at Meijer (yes, the Walmart wannabe store).  The little lace detail tugs on my heart strings every time.  Which brings me to my lesson of the day:  look for opportunity in every store.  I went in for fruit and came out with a new favorite shirt.

And let us not forget the pants! They are thrifted J.Crew, but here's the catch:  1) they're low rise (which is typically a deal-breaker for me, and 2) they technically too short so I rolled them.  I also I did not contain my stripes with a blazer/jacket.  You see that? I have a job, and I cannot be contained--officially out of control. (ps--I'm a bit obsessed with black and white striped tops; you may see quite a few outfits with them this month.)

If you haven't yet, pop over to EBEW and check out the mad fun.

I'm wearing:  shirt (meijer); necklace (h&m); pants (thrifted j.crew); shoes (tjmaxx); bag (thrift/gift)


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