Wednesday, September 7, 2011






I'm enjoying the bare legs as much as possible; pretty soon, they'll be covered with tights and leggings-- a change I embrace.  I'm gladly trading fun in the sun for cool evenings with campfires.  Four days ago, it was 101; today, a high of 70.  These ups and downs are giving me more whiplash than a hormonal teenager on a roller coaster.  Hope you brought the Dramamine...or a light jacket.

Many of you have asked that I do a beauty post about how I do my hair and makeup.  I'm working on it.  And by working on it, I mean I'm waiting on my skin to return to vampire-ivory.  Yes, that's color; or it would be if Twilight had the market on color foundations.  Either way, stay tuned.

I'm wearing:  bag, belt, skirt (thrift); tank, cardi (old navy); shoes (thrifted target)


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