Tuesday, September 27, 2011

apple-pickin' good






First and foremost--if the snake in the Garden of Eden looked anything like the picture above, I would have taken the apple too.  Just sayin'.

Fall is my favorite season like so many others, but it has little to do with weather and more to do with holidays....and less to do with holiday and more to do with food.  All year long I refuse to shop anywhere but a grocery store, but come fall, I'm climbing apple trees, digging in pumpkin patches, and running through corn mazes.  There something about autumn that brings out the more primitive behaviors--hunting, gathering, eating, sleeping.  We keep it basic in cooler weather.

I'm wearing:  dress (xxi); scarf (old navy); boots (target); socks (kohls)

Jared is wearing a banana republic shirt (I think) and a hat he clearly stole from a hobo.

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  1. Such an awesome fall outfit! Loving the color of the scarf and the knee socks with boots are the perfect touch! Lovely!