Monday, May 2, 2011

color me happy






I have to admit this season's color's trends have challenged me to look at what I'm pairing together and step it up.  When I was getting dressed, I had chosen a full slip that was cream and beige and matched the accessories perfectly.  But I have found myself trying to wear some sort of coral every day, which is great because it makes me look less like a pasty vampire.

There has been much speculation about me being with child due to my obsession and jokes about maternity wear. So I should probably mention that the "bump" you see in some of these pictures is only a "food baby." Yeaaaaah, these were taken right after Easter dinner.  I was going to wear sweat pants, but there's something about Jesus, church, and fashion that go hand-in-hand.

I'm wearing: all thrift. Dress ($5), slip ($3), and shoes ($5).


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