Thursday, May 5, 2011

street style & IT girls


Oh look who's getting ready for a job interview--that's right, Jana. And where did she get inspiration? Sunday Crossbow Work Edition!  Now, I have to level with you all--Jana ALWAYS looks fantastic and put together, but here's what I'm diggin' about her outfit:

1. Those shoes are fierce:  my iphone doesn't do them justice.
2. I love the printed tank:  this is one that will go great with wide leg trousers, pencil skirt, skinny jeans. I'm nominating it for closet staple must-have.
3. The bag. Not all accessories need to scream "Look at me!" A pop of color makes this look so chic.

So it's no surprise that my inspiration comes from people I know and adore. Typically, I look to fashion icons and those with experience and fashion know-how, but I think we need to start looking for the next IT girl; and I'm nominating this little one:

IT baby:  Maddy
Yes fashionistas, Miss Maddy Carlson is paving the way for babies and toddlers alike.


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