Friday, April 29, 2011









Dress pants are some of my favorite bottoms to wear because of the illusions created. I usually seek those that are mid-rise and wide-legged.

Illusion 1:  On those petite Hobbits like myself, the mid-rise pants draws the eye to the smallest part of the waist line, creating an hourglass shape.  I have curves that I embrace; but in the low rise and super low rise pants, I look 2 sizes bigger than I actually am.  Therefore, in the words of Socrates and interpretation of Emerald:  Know thyself...and dress accordingly.

Illusion 2:  The wide-leg pant comes out from the wides part of the hip and thighs, providing balancing to curves of the lower half.  They tend to make me look taller, especially when worn with heels.

Illusion 3:  I may look like money, but I didn't spend it. Here's' the breakdown:
Pants:  $3 (thrift)
Cardigan:  $3 (thrift)
Shoes:  $12 (kohls' clearance)
Necklace:  $15 (kohls)
Bracelets:  $6 (forever21)

Total $29. Not bad.


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