Monday, May 30, 2011

5. you can do it






I'm not sure if the spirit of freedom that comes with Memorial Day or the fact that I'm graduating with a Masters Degree in T-5 days, but I'm feeling all kinds of empowered.  Today we celebrate and remember our soldiers who fought for our country's freedom and the women who stepped up to work during a time of need.  I'm honoring both.

My calloused and less than manicured hands may be from this week's yard work rather than working job, but nonetheless I am thankful for those women who have pushed me to think outside the box of social expectations.  I would not consider myself a radical feminist; but ladies, Rosie the Riveter started the revolution in the workforce just as Coco Chanel in fashion.  (yes, you were wondering how I was going to tie in that one.)  So express yourself and rejoice in the freedom.  I am by wearing denim on denim and have traded the steel-toed boots for open-toed heels.

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