Saturday, February 5, 2011

winter cozy






There are fewer things I love more than a warm sweater.  Although I'm looking forward to spring trends and skirts (without tights), I already feel reluctant to pack up the thick sweater. Maybe because it's just warm or maybe because strikes a flattering place on the leg,  but don't be surprised to see this one through warmer weather.

Behind the outfit:  I've recently been doing research behind "Date Night Outfits" (coming soon) which led me to the thought, "Where am I wearing this?" Since I am a fan of all-things-comfortable, you may have seen me strutting around the library or a coffee shop because we all know that books and coffee are must-have's with big sweaters in winter.

Works Cited:  sweater, shoes (thrift); jeans (banana republic); shirt (ae)


  1. Thank you for your comment. Your blog is great and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love looking at them :)

  2. Oh my God, Emerald, that sweater looks divine. Even from the pictures alone I could tell how warm & toasty you must've been.

  3. Beautiful photographs. Love the warmth of you look.

  4. I can't get enough warm cozy sweaters either, and that one looks amazing. You have such gorgeous photographs!!

  5. Love the sweater but especially love the shoes! Super cute & functional

  6. I love this look! So simple and stylish, yet comfortable (: You look lovely!

  7. YES! your comment area is up and running! i came on yesterday & the day before but it was missing and so i'm back now cos i couldn't not say something about such a great post and picture share!

    you are one adorable girl and the cozy sweater looks delicious to wear. i LOVE the shot in front of the bridge, that could be in a fact they all could really. can't wait to see the new theme posts, sounds great. ♥

  8. @Marie
    What a lovely compliment! Thank you.

  9. @TER
    Your enthusiasm matches how much I do love it. Definitely keeps me warm.

  10. @kris
    Thank you! My husband is amazing and really brings out the best!

  11. ok so i love everything that you do. right. but this is hands down my favorite. maybe because it feels, to me, like you...steady, peaceful, content, yet somewhat mysterious.
    can i get a what what??