Thursday, February 17, 2011


spring forward

Don't get me wrong--I love winter.  But in a few more inches of snow, someone will need to assess for my safety and psychological well-being. I felt the sunshine today; and honestly my soul lit up. It's time, ladies and gentlemen--bring on the warmer weather. Punxsutawney Phil promised an early spring; and I need him to make good on his word.

The clothes I have lined up for pictures all revolve around floral prints. So get ready; you may see season change in my wardrobe before the temperatures catch up. I've never been a huge fan for rules anyway.

Also, I'm going on a little retreat this weekend where there will be a pool and hot tub. Yes, I'm going where few women dare to go--the bathing suit aisle in February.  Before you reach for the water and ex-lax, I'm currently loving those bathing suit trends that tend to mask the less-than desirable areas--such as prints and ruched or belted material on the suit.  While I will not post a picture of me in my bathing suit (you're welcome), I can tell you I found the best 50s retro style at Walmart for $30 last year.  Had Walmart not come to the rescue last year , I would have opted for the splurge from Anthropologie. Some things are worth it; haircuts and swim suits fall in that category.

What spring trend are you ready to wear?


  1. i just found your blog and i LOVE it.

    i will forever read your blog, you can bet your bottom dollar! :)

  2. i also love that bathing suit fashion - more feminine, less reveiling! I also spot a lot of nautical clothes right now and can't wait to get my hands on some sailor fashion. But my biggest wish right now: A cape! Love the one from your last post!!