Thursday, February 3, 2011

love actually






Today we are celebrating four years of marriage. In honor of such a glorious occasion, I am posting pictures from when we renewed our vows in Hawaii a couple of years ago.  Renewing your vows after two years of marriage??? Yes. It took two years to figure out what marriage was even about. So we decided to restart the race with Jared and Emerald 2.0.
We were on the beautiful island of Kauai, which was perfect for a little sunrise ceremony. I found the dress at a thrift store; or I guess you could say--it found me. Yes, the heavens did open up and God saw that "this was good." It was exactly what I wanted for Happily Ever After Part II.

The pictures were taken by the original Best Man and his wife.

I'm wearing:  dress (thrift--$5)


  1. so this was the one i wanted to comment about. okay, when i 1st saw this stunning photo shoot my mouth gaped open wide and my eyes lit up bright.

    you two are so gorgeous and the setting of kauai (i've been there too, most beautiful spot ever!) is perfect! it's such a true testament to the kind of couple you are that you renewed vows this way. i was married before (when i was a lot younger) and i know what you mean about the figuring out time. i love you did this and shared it here. your dress is a thrift find? now i really want to go shopping with you b/c i never find anything this special. good eye. ♥

  2. @Lynn {hearted girl}
    Oh Lynn. Ohio is a great place for thrifting. To add the excitement, I'll even tell you how much I paid for it...$4.
    Yea. Heavenly.