Thursday, January 20, 2011

prep skool

coat:  gap

dress & boots:  forever21

blazer, cardigan, slip:  thrift

necklace:  gift

tights:  target

prep skool shoe dip.001

I'm seriously dedicated to the art of layering; bring on the articles of clothing. This is linked to my love for winter. And now to answer a few of questions I know you are all wondering...

1. I do believe bigger is better. (hello, new picture size)

2. The lace slip you see is actually a full slip. Of course, I wear it with stilettos while doing laundry and dishes. It's a most convenient ensemble while running the obstacle course of cats, dog, dog toys, and spilled water.

3. Yes, Prep Skool is my real gangsta name.

4. All my pictures are taken by the handsome and talented Jared Williamson, photographer and husband extraordinaire.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.


  1. I want to steal that cardigan. I'm so jealous of your thriftiness...

  2. where is the best place to thrift in columbus?

  3. Depends. I frequently visit the ones in Grove City out of convenience. The Ohio Thrift Store chain is pretty good. There are five thrift stores within a mile of my house. Also, check with local Salvation Army's for their half off day.

  4. so inspiring, love the peek-a-boo slip!!!! your husband really knows how to capture your beauty. awesome shots. ♥