Sunday, January 23, 2011

it's in the bag



shirt, skirt, belt, clutch:  thrift

tights:  target

necklace by honeyrosenk

Some things in life should be simple:  getting dressed is one of them.  From time to time, I have been found standing in my closet and scratching my head with a vacant, confused expression.  "What am I going to wear?"  
I have been harboring this skirt for quite some time without the first clue on how to wear it.  So I thought I would a share helpful tips on how I circumvent the creative roadblocks that pop up in the closet.
1)  How comfortable do you want to be?  There are no between photos of hiking up, readjusting, or kicking my shoes for a few minutes.  So wear what moves.  Yanking and tugging on clothes can be distracting and creates more insecurity than necessary.

2) What's your inspiration?  There are always new trends, new fads, and a lot of fellow bloggers displaying their own perspective and/or by doing a copycat post--they see the look of another and try to replicate the idea behind it.  In spite of what the "copycat" expression can imply, the looks always represent something different about the person's style.  I'll be doing my first copycat post soon.

3) Think eras and decades.  I watch the show Mad Men for the clothes. I honestly could care less about the script or acting.  Mad Men was the inspiration for this outfit:  classic simplicity and a silhouette that would give a feminine perspective.  Make styles of decades past your own.

4) Wear what make you feel good about you.  Not every day can make the fashion hall of fame.  Being comfortable in your own skin and the confidence that comes from such inner harmony will always outshine the most styled outfit. It's not what you're rockin, but how you rock it.

Photos by Jared Williamson taken at Objects for the Home

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  1. oh my gosh, i just found your amazingly awesome blog through refinery 29. i totally would have voted for yours had i not already submitted one for a girlfriends blog already. you are just adorable and love your outfits/style. great shots and those lace stockings are wonderful, target hey? good to know.

    great tips too, i detest that feeling of not knowing what to wear so i've kept a little black book of my favorite "always feel good ins" for those uninspiring days. it helps. cheers lades, will most def be following your goodness. ♥