Friday, January 14, 2011

the perfect scarf

pants & boots:  target

cardigan:  walmart

shirt:  thrifted

gloves & scarf:  gifted

Photos by Jared Williamson
Of course I had other shoes I wanted to wear other than snow boots. But there are two worlds of fashion:  fantasy and reality.  In my fantasy magazine photo shoot, it would be 60 degrees with no wind or briers poking my legs.  But back at ranch {expression alert} it is 20 degrees, and I'm more interested in keeping my feet dry.
I'm currently challenging myself to give the skinny jeans a break so I moved to skinny dress pants. Duh.
On the subject of reality, school and responsibilities have kicked it up a notch, which means I may have to post every other day.  Sadness.  I would love nothing more than to play dress-up every day.  I hear people (mostly tv sitcoms) say "men do not mature beyond age 7."  I'm going to give the men a break and say this may be true for me.


  1. I'm so excited that you have a blog! The new way of keeping tabs on friends is to read their blog i've decided. Great cardi btw, from walmart? Well done my friend.

  2. Walmart indeed. I have a few other gems from there. Here's the name of the game. I usually forget something on those nights when I've stayed at school (1.5hrs away) so it was walmart to the rescue--the only store Ashland has.

  3. I love the location in these photos! They're very well done. And I also love that you got that cardigan at Walmart! Most people wouldn't think of shopping at Walmart for their clothes, but there is some good stuff there.