Monday, January 10, 2011

day of errands

shoes:  thrifted

brooch:  forever21; shirt:  old navy

bag:  H&M; blazer and scarf: thrifted

jeans:  forever21

Photos by Jared Williamson
Things I enjoy:  1) all things brooches, 2) mixing every day wear with those items considered professional, and 3) these shoes from a thrift hunt with Miss Marshmallowsilk.

I'm wearing:  shoes, blazer, scarf (thrift); jeans (banana republic); shirt (old navy); bag (h&m)


  1. I am jealous of your thrifting skills. I never find anything...maybe it's because I live in southeast Tennessee.

  2. True. I found that to my experience too. However, you do live close to Atlanta. You could make a day of it!! OR better idea--you and Chad come visit and I will personally take you!