Thursday, January 27, 2011

copycat: a walk in the park







copycat inspire:  Lucy Laucht

Meet Lucy Laucht.  She is considered to be an everyday muse and inspiration for this outfit.  I would officially consider her blog to be in my top 3 favorites. I think she does a great job of pairing the most unexpected things together, and such an art deserves more recognition. So here's to you, Lucy.

About the outfit:  Everything was found at a thrift store with the exceptions of the shoes (clearance at Kohls) and the black skinny pants (Target).  After putting this together, taking pictures, and reviewing them, I was given a whole new inspiration to raid my closet for fun and unexpected pairings.  I think the greatest accomplishment of the whole thing is the mixing of black, brown, and navy blue. Questions about this outfit?? Let me answer two:
1) Yes, the cord blazer is one of my favorite pieces and is considered to be a closet staple at this point.  2) Hold the red paint--the fur collar is fake. No rabbits or other woodland creatures were harmed on my behalf.
3) Yes, this is something I wear beyond playing dress up.  You may not see wearing it at the local Goodwill, but I would totally rock it downtown.

Works Cited:  shoes (kohls); pants (target); blazer, shirt, fur collar, brooch, bag (thrift)


  1. Ok this is probably my favorite so far. Seriously. It seems like just yesterday you wouldn't take off that blue plaid scarf that matched your blue sweatshirt and blue jacket.