Friday, August 26, 2011





Fashion challenge:  how do you pull off slouchy chic?  Unkempt has many definitions and ideas attached to it.  I'm thinking more "disheveled" rather than "lack of hygiene." 

I love accessories.  I love when outfits look tidy and neat--it feeds my pathological need for order and clarity.  But Robert Rules of Order belongs on the bookshelf, not in the closet.  So along with rule-breaking, I'm embracing slouchy carefree. You should try it.  But before you boycott leg-shaving and hair-combing, maybe start with un-tucking the shirt.  Unkempt is better with small steps like boudoir.

I'm wearing:  top (gap); skirt (target last season); shoes (kohls); clutch (thrift)

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  1. Love it! That skirt is so soft and beautiful. Fits you like a glove too!