Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday obsessions: frankie hearts fashion

Lace Blvd
Let's walk through each photo for all full understanding of my obsession with Frankie Hearts Fashion.  First of all, let's talk shoes.  If those are not enough to make you go gaga, I don't know what need.  I'm a starving cartoon that sees delicious steaming foods when I look at these shoes. And that bag is perfectly accessorized.

mom's belt
I'm digging the sheer top.  If I tried to wear anything that displayed clothing resembling undergarments, I would look a hot mess.  Very few can pull this and still make it look like they're not trying too hard.

cute style. bad name.
How adorable is this dress?! When I style-crush other bloggers, there is usually that one outfit I would try to steal in which I connect.  And here it is. 

Follow. Read. Love.

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