Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mixing old & new




Every since the EBEW challenge, I have been mixing patterns left and right.  You have to look really close, but this skirt actually has some sort of embossed floral print on it.  I'm mixing in disguise...very sneaky.

One of the the many things I love about thrifting is the joy of mixing old and new.  Everything in this post (minus the necklace and shoes) is from a thrift store.  From someone's old throw outs to my new treasures. I guess nothing is ever outdated in the fashion circle of life. Except acid wash jeans. Those will never be accepted in my closet.  Speaking of-- a reader asked about my closet and organization, in which I realized I have never posted pictures of it.  I'll have Jared take some.  I love feedback, questions, and fashion challenges from you guys.  While I may not have every answer or be able to accept or successfully complete every challenge, I appreciate being kept on my toes-- so please keep them coming.

I'm wearing:  clutch, blouse, skirt (thrift); necklace (target); shoes (kohls)

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  1. Seriously love those big glasses and perfectly red lips. Beautiful!