Tuesday, August 2, 2011

that's mighty wide of you






I would apologize for my absence, but I'm sure most of you understand a much needed break after the remix challenge.  I honestly didn't know how to dress myself and almost had a mental breakdown when I entered my closet with freedom.  There were too many possibilities.  I short-circuited.

Upon recovery, I made myself get out of bed on the 5th morning and choose items I had never featured before. Voila. I know you're all surprised to see that I own other jeans that aren't the skinny style.

Also sometime during the Remix, I became a diva.  This was a morning shoot; and I simply wasn't having it. Be grateful for the one smile you got in the first picture. I'm adding "evening shoots only" to my contract. :P

Works Cited:  shirt, bag (thrift); jeans (gap); shoes (old navy); necklace (xxi)


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