Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8. sundresses





Graduation is over (pictures later), and my life has somewhat returned to normal, which means I'm sleeping.  I forgot how wonderful it was.

I was looking through my closet, and I think I have more dresses than everything else combined.  I'm kinda of sundress junkie.  There is no support group for this addiction; therefore, my only hope is retail therapy.

Confession:  30 for 30 has been challenging and a fun creative outlet, but I already miss dressing for the day apart from 30 items. This is the problem with not posting an outfit everyday.  I may have to step it up.

Kendi Everyday is launching the official 30 for 30 again on June 13th. Even though I've started early, I'm sure everyone will catch up in plenty of time.  Join the party now!

Works Cited:  dress (aerie); cardigan (h&m); belt & shoes (thrifted)


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