Saturday, June 25, 2011

15. beat the heat




I'm home! And after spending a 4 days in the dry desert air, I highly recommend cotton, linen, and sunscreen for every occasion.

While sitting at the pool, I came up with some vacation do's and don'ts based on my environment. 

*Drink at the pool at noon solo:  you're on vacation. No one is judging. (Guilty.)
*Buy a waterproof camera for water zumba in the resort pool. (This happened.)
*Do at least one activity that you would not do in daily life. (Mine was gambling.)
*Develop a vacation motto.  ("It doesn't matter, it's Vegas.")
*Create a music playlist. (Mine was Pitbull inspired.)
*Leave work and drama at home because let's face it, your suitcase is already exceeding the weight limit.

*Matching mother/daughter bathing suits.  I wouldn't post a picture making fun of someone else, but
  all I can say is, "Yikes."
*Wearing no shoes in the pool restroom. 
*Laying out in anything that could be braided or used as kite tails.
*Go without sunscreen. I wore at least SPF30 the entire week and still got a tan.

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