Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10. essentials





So I'm pretty basic on a day to day to basis.  I've not been feeling super inspired to play dress up since school and graduation are over.  It's summer.  I'm in vacation mode and have the official "I don't feel like wearing that" blues.  Why didn't I put cut-offs in my 30 items?!

Here are some things that you should not surprise you over the next couple of weeks.
1.  Flaking out on 30 for 30 due to creative control rights.
2.  No longer drying my hair.
3.  Never come back from Vegas.

Jared's going to sell gold watches out of his jacket, and I'm going to tackle the challenge of being a local without looking like a prostitute.  See where higher education gets you?

Works Cited:  jeans (old navy); shirt & bag (h&m); necklace (aerie); belt & shoes (thrifted)


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