Monday, June 27, 2011

16. function vs. fashion





While on vacation, I noticed signs that somewhere between my first year of marriage and grad school, I started to grow up.  For someone who is married to Peter Pan himself, this could be alarming. If the 20s are not awkward enough with discovering identity, I'm now supposed to do something with what I discovered.  No pressure. 

As a child, no one wishes to be a bartender or professional lounge chair tester; but a change has clearly happened when one realizes this is no longer an acceptable occupation. 

While I don't have a degree in fashion and personal style, I developed some sort of style perspective that I'm not ashamed to publish. (There were some dark days; ask my bff Haley.)  Trading pageant hair for the pixie bob and leggings for cropped trousers, I now shop asking the question, "Could I ever wear this work?"

Works Cited:  shirt (h&m); jeans (old navy); shoes (thrifted); bag (urban outfitters)


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