Tuesday, April 19, 2011

work it








A few months ago, a friend suggested to do posts on what to wear to work.  The only problem is that I'm not currently working, and the business casual clothes seem like a closet buzzkill when getting ready.  However, things-are-a-changin'.  In a very few short weeks, your truly will be graduating with a degree that indicates I not only should have a job but also that boyfriend jeans are unacceptable.

I was reviewing previous posts to identify a pattern in my own personal style only to discover that my outfits are all over the place.  From hipster to hippie, I embrace the almond-toed pump as well as going barefoot (unfortunately Taco Bell will not serve you without shoes). 

It is no secret that women have to wear many "hats;" therefore, it only make sense that we possess some sort of wardrobe that accommodates the roles of family relationships, career driven, sexy, relaxed, girl-next-door, adventurous, outdoorsy, city girl, country mouse, etc.  It's like an identity crisis in the making--no wonder we cling to fashion as a means of self-expression; we might otherwise be consumed by the responsibilities of life.  Therefore, I'm dedicating the next few posts as the "Work Edition"--different women, different careers, different styles.

PS- this entire outfit was under $20.

Works Cited:  dress & shoes (thrift); belt (xxi); bag (h&m)


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