Monday, April 25, 2011

the skinny








Skinny jeans at work, oh yes... But not just any skinny jean because these are cropped; and by "cropped," I mean normal length on me because I'm short.

Why this outfit works:
1. Cropped pants + heels= makes me feel taller and authoritative. (It's my delusion, just go with it.)
2. The loose tunic serves many functions:
     A. Without the blazer, it does a great day to night look.
     B. Bloating, Booze, and all-you-can-eat Buffet appropriate
     C. Transitions well into maternity
3. Oversized purse:  what you don't see is that I have a laptop, book, make up, light jacket, and partridge in a pear tree in there.

I'm wearing:  blazer & watch (thrift); skinnys (flirt style old navy); tunic (charlotte russe); jewelry (forever21); purse (target)


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