Friday, June 1, 2012

rise and shine

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So many of you have emailed and asked about thrift tips and how to choose the clothes....talking about this immediately makes me want to go thrifting....focus.

I'm wearing:  top (banana republic outlet); skirt/clutch (thrift); shoes (payless this season!)

So here are my rules with a few loopholes-- because sometimes a girl needs an out.

1. It's all in the fit:  knowing your body type and what shapes work for you is key. For example, I know that I'm considered a "neat hourglass," and all clothes should accentuate my waistline. Do I do this every day? Absolutely not. 

2. Quality Control
  • Seams should lie flat and not pull or wrinkle.
  • Check your hemlines--flat and even.
  • Don't be fooled when original tags are still attached.
  • Side seams should hang straight.
  • How faded is the fabric?
  • Search seam and necklines for holes.
3. Experimentation:  Do your research in magazines, blogs, and online fashion sites then hit the stores with inspiration and somewhat of a game plan. Don't be afraid to shake up your usual style with things you wouldn't otherwise try. If you pay $2, and it doesn't work--not nearly as guilt ridden as spending $20 or more on an item.

4. What to Wear to thrift:  Some places don't have changing rooms so I'm always prepared for that.
  • Thin cami or tank to try clothes on over.
  • Strapless bra
  • Loose fitting skirt for trying on pants/shorts
  • Comfortable shoes that slip on and off easy. (I wear heels every once in a while but they don't really bother me to wear for extended periods of time.)
Hope this helps and happy hunting!


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