Wednesday, June 20, 2012

little whispers

_DSC7384 _DSC7366 _DSC7569 _DSC7540 _DSC7447 _DSC7389 _DSC7442
I am fascinated with high/low dresses. Designers are genius because they have taken one of the most heinous hairstyles of all times and translated it into a fantastic fashion trend.

I'm still learning how to wear these dresses so this will be a work in progress. I added a blazer for the work appropriate audiences. Honestly, I prefer it with the blazer because it gives more shape. I didn't have a belt that I absolutely loved with it...yes, I broke one of my own rules with keeping the waistline defined.

I'm wearing:  dress (sugarlips); blazer (gap); shoes (kohls); clutch (thrift); necklace/headband (xxi)


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