Sunday, March 18, 2012

sunday obsessions: gingham



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After all the love from my recent gingham post, I did a little research to inspire new ideas for gingham.  It seems like blue and black gingham are pretty popular, but in the spirit of spring I chose some lighter choices.  After finding these, I was ready to hit the thrift stores again to look for a pink one.  So gingham style tips from the top:

1. To no one's surprise, pattern mixing.  This will be a new challenge for me. Stay tuned.
2. Red gingham + leopard print (fail proof every time)
3. Use a gingham shirt to layer (for those whose bodies drown in prints, this could be good for you)

Kendi Everyday uses a lot of gingham in her older posts to browse her 30 for 30 pictures. I'm also going to create a gingham board on my pinterest


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