Wednesday, March 21, 2012





As I'm writing this, I'm having a "Why did I wear that together?!" moment.  Have you ever been so excited about something new that you didn't give a damn how it looked, it wasn't leaving your body for days?? That's how I feel about these shoes...I'm officially the weirdo who sleeps in heels...that's going to bring all the boys to the yard...

So I read from somewhere that the Asian trend is in or will be in at some point.  This is as a close that I could get, and honestly, I'm still on the fence.  But the shoes...go buy yourself mustard colored shoes now. (Then, I won't be only the person wearing them out!)

I'm wearing:  shoes! (payless, srsly); jeans/jacket/necklace (xxi); clutch (thrift)

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  1. Love this! I just at a payless and def didnt see these or id be wearing them now! I will find them oh yes i will!