Friday, March 11, 2011


chunky and jared
How I am supposed to get any work finished?

Seriously, look at those faces. Too much cuteness for one household.
Finals week is almost over, which means I can return to shopping, posing, and blogging.  For some reason, my graduate program could care less about my need for retail therapy and picture parades of my latest conquests.  (If I only I could get paid to do this!)

Since my last post, I have experienced 3 out of 4 seasons in a week. Therefore, I decided it was time to do the great winter-to-spring closet transition. I would post a picture, but still too embarrassed about the state in which I left my bedroom/closet. I looked at my clothing rack for the blog-post-line-up, and I'm officially obsessed with stripes, floral's, and polka-dots.

Coming soon:  the greatest $4 thrift find.


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