Thursday, March 31, 2011







The thing I love most about the "boyfriend" style is that I get to fall out of bed and put on the most unflattering clothes and it's completely acceptable.  "Oh I see you're wearing baggy low rise pants and an over-sized cardigan--are you shopping impaired?" Nope. It just means I'm in a relationship.
I'm wondering what else I can get away with.

I think a lady is able to get away with even more when she is married. I have not only taken over Jared's closet but also his razor, deodorant, hats, toothbrush, and t-shirts. I call this the husband style. Of course, he thinks it's adorable.  But don't ask him.

On an unrelated note, Chunky-the-puppy turned 1 on St. Patrick's Day. He thinks he's a lap dog. Please imagine a 65 lb clumsy meatloaf trying to cuddle on a tiny love seat.

Works cited:  jeans (old navy); shirt (h&m); cardigan & shoes (thrift)


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